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Rain Conference is our annual Women's Conference hosted by Great Life Church. Our passion is that women of every age would be impacted by the love of Jesus. This 2-Day conference is absolutely free admission, ensuring that every woman is able to come and be blessed by this encouraging atmosphere. Every year, women leave Rain Conference more uplifted, faith-filled, and excited about the things of God than ever before. This will change your life! Invite a friend and bring someone in your family. Register below and read more about our amazing speakers that will be joining us this year!



Pastor Ellen Bilsborough

Almost 10 years ago, Pastor Steve & Ellen Bilsborough and their family moved from Toronto, Canada to Hernando County, Florida. During their ministry in Canada, from pastoring churches to traveling the world, God began to put a calling on their heart to the United States. With hard work, tons of prayer, and years of waiting on God's timing - a door was opened for them to move their family into this country. 

Pastor Ellen Bilsborough is passionate about reaching the women in our area and igniting a zeal for the things of God. Her heart for prayer and teaching the Word of God mark each Rain Conference with a life-changing atmosphere. 

The calling to this county was so specific because of the confidence that God wants to do something powerful across Hernando County and central Florida. Pastors Steve & Ellen believe there is a revival stirring in this area and plan to reach as many people as they can for Jesus. Five years ago, Great Life Church was planted in a school gymnasium with a limited number of chairs and just their children filling the seats. Five years later, Great Life Church owns its own building in the heart of Hernando County. 


Ashton Parsley

Ashton is the daughter of Dr. Rod and Joni Parsley. She was quite literally born and raised at World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio, where her parents have pastored for over 40 years. Ashton developed a passion and a gift for writing at a very young age, penning stories and poems and even having some of her work published as early as the seventh grade. Ashton continued to perfect her talent for writing throughout high school, and was accepted into Miami University's Creative Writing program her senior year. Even while away at college, Ashton stayed connected to World Harvest and during that time, God stirred up the desire of her heart to write within new avenues, including music and television. Ashton began writing for Harvest Music Live and Breakthrough Television in 2011, when she returned to Columbus after her undergraduate studies and began working for Valor Christian College and World Harvest Church.

Ashton felt a unique calling on her life to accelerate her father's vision for the up-and-coming generation and believed a new, original sound was key. But, she also knew that music was just one platform. Ashton saw in her spirit that the other platform was a television program. Ashton's dream was to produce and host a magazine-style talk show that was relevant to her college-and-career age group. She visualized programming that would be funny, smart, and relatable, while maintaining strong tones of spirituality: "I wanted to create a show that I, as a Christian young person, would want to watch. I believe God divinely inspired me and my team to innovate something that’s entertaining and culturally connected, as well as Biblically sound. That's what "Seriously?!" is - it's life from a Christian perspective."

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Debra George

Debra is a graduate of Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Debra’s history of longevity and loyalty includes serving as Youth Pastor in her local church, serving as Associate Pastor where she trained leaders/Ministry of helps how to best serve the vision of her Pastors, Richard and Tena Ford of Family Worship Center in Stafford, Texas to traveling the world TODAY speaking in churches and conferences.

Debra has devoted her life to helping Pastors by training believers to WIN SOULS and do OUTREACHES to build the local church. Debra trains evangelism teams and takes them on the streets to win souls and to give them a “hands on” experience that will change a believer’s life forever! One of the unique things about Debra’s ministry is the simple outreaches she conducts on the streets and the placing of new converts into the local churches.

Whether Debra is walking the streets of the inner city to talk to a child, drug addict, prostitute or speaking in a church or conference, her mandate from God never changes. She has devoted her life to Raising Up A Soul Winning Army For God across the earth by training others to share their faith and win souls. Debra is the author of: When Hurt Won’t Stop and her newest release, Relight The Fire.


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