New Believer?

One of the ministries at Great Life Church that we introduce to people with so much excitement is our Grow Course. Let's say you are new to going to church, new to Great Life Church, or haven't served God in a long time - this class is for you. Our passion at GLC is not to introduce you to God and let you figure the rest out on your own, but to walk through this journey with you. Our discipleship class meets every Tuesday at 7pm in the Great Life Café located at Great Life Church. Here you will learn the spiritual meaning of what it means to serve God and the practical ways to make Him a part of your life. 

Every Sunday service Pastor Steve Bilsborough makes it a point to ask if anyone would like to receive salvation, we believe that coming to the altar by a simple invitation can completely change your life.

This class is a course that you will complete in a matter of weeks, after completion you will be encouraged to take your relationship one step further and be apart of our baptism service. Everyone who completes this course will receive a diploma of completion and also be encouraged to get involved in one of our G-Teams at Great Life Church. Learn more about this ministry by attending one of our services.