Great Life Leadership College

Want to grow and develop in your calling? At Great Life Leadership College we believe in equipping this generation with faith, biblical teaching, and leadership skills to build a strong future. From creative design to pastoral ministries, our goal is to prepare students in their unique gifts, and strive for the plan God has uniquely created for them. Here you will receive accredited academic training through online courses with Valor Christian College along with the tools you need to be a part of modern and fast-paced growing ministry. We understand each student has unique passions and pursuits, that's why in GLLC you have three different ministry tracks to choose from; Creative & Worship, Communications, and Pastoral Ministries. Through this 1-2 year program we believe God will open your eyes to the future He has for you, we believe you will grow and develop in your gifts and also develop many more along the way. You will also have opportunities to lead, speak, create, design, teach, and cultivate a foundation it takes to be a force for the Kingdom of God. 

Outreach & Evangelism

All students who participate in our leadership training program will experience in depth training on outreach initiatives, building teams, and the training to witness to the lost.


Each student will grow and develop their ministry skills with hands-on training with a great team of leaders that make up our staff, they will have the opportunity to sit in on planning meetings, service production, and more. 


We believe in preparing ourselves to pour into the next generation, that's why part of this program includes the leadership training it takes to lead youth and children in their walk with God. Each student will be equipped to live an example that the younger generation can look up to. 


You will have the option to take online accredited classes towards an Associates Degree with Valor College Online Courses. These courses are 100% Bible-based and will further your knowledge of ministry, leadership, and serving the Kingdom of God.

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